Monday, October 18, 2010

Mid-term Reflection

1. I think that I have been pretty engaged in my artwork, and the class in general. Although I don't talk much in class, I listen and use what I hear to make my work better.
I come to class on time and and almost, if not always have my hw done on time.

2. So far I have worked in my SB, done a painting, a collage, a sculpture and some drawings. I have worked hard on all of them. I like how they have all turned out, especially the found object sculpture. I like how I didn't just glue on random buttons, but I made a rainbow with them.

3. In my SB, there is all different kinds of things. There are drawings, a collages, a page filled with round stickers, doodles, cut outs, a painting, and pages full of colors. I really enjoy working in my SB because it is relaxing and fun. I get do whatever I want in it, and express myself.

4. I used to hate drawing, but the more I practiced, the better I got. Now I kind of enjoy drawing, depending on what it is. I guess I am kind of glad to draw every Tuesday because I get more and more practice drawing in different ways, and with different materials.

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