Thursday, December 13, 2012

Interesting works of art in the studio

I took a picture of this because I thought that it was very cool looking. I like how the black and white are blended and there are streaks all over it. I left the brush in it because it makes the paint look like it's attached to the it. I also love the way it looks with all the paint strokes going in every direction.

I took a picture of this because I like the different colors on the napkin. The colors all look good together. If I tilt my head a little to the left, it makes it look like all the paint is in the shape of an evergreen tree without a trunk.

I took a picture of this because it looks so delicious and pretty in a way. It is a cookie sandwich with penut butter in the middle. It reminds me of reese's and that's my favorite kind of candy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Final Reflection

        This term, I completed 2 pieces. One, The Beautiful Game , was on a canvas. This project was spray paint on newspaper, and acrylic paint over the spray paint. I painted a soccer ball and paint drips on it. All the newspaper articles were about soccer. The other piece I made, The Lookout, was of a photo taken by my friend in Puerto Rico. It is of a lookout tower in front of the ocean. The soccer one took me many weeks which included planning, experimentation, and execution. I got the idea of using newsprint from a piece of work I saw at T.J. Maxx. I liked the original piece, and I wanted to make something similar but have it be my own. I had to experiment with many materials to get kind of look I wanted. The tower piece took about one week and was made with acrylic paint. I am very proud of both pieces, especially the soccer one because I have never done anything like it before. I came out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure how it would come out or if it would turn out well, but I did it anyways. I was really pleased with my results.
         The hardest part of making art for me would be trying out new techniques and materials. I am most comfortable with painting with acrylic and oil paint, so when I used spray paint and newsprint, it was something new and riskier for me. Although it was somewhat of a challenge, it was also satisfying to try out something new. Another thing I enjoy doing is painting. I find it comforting and soothing. Although I am patient with the process and don’t mind taking my time, my favorite part is the finished product. When I finish a painting, I like being able to say that I did it all by myself. I take pride in all my work, whether it came out the way I had anticipated or not. Sometimes the work just takes on a life of its own. This year, I think I have grown as an artist. I did something that I never imagined I could do. Being in a small classroom which was relatively unstructured, forced me to be more original and independent in my work. I hope to continue on finding myself as an artist and pushing myself to try out different ideas.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halfway point

So far this term, I have only worked on one piece. The picture of the dog is the inspiration for my first project. My piece is spray paint and other paint on newspaper. I am in the midst of attaching it to a canvas. I am almost done with that piece. One struggle I had was figuring out how to attach the newspaper to the canvas. I tried gluing it so hopefully it will stay.
Here are couple pictures of my process. First I experimented with spray paint on newspaper.
In order to keep a clean circle for the soccer ball, I covered the paper with a round piece of paper.
Once I am done, I want to do some other sort of painting. I started making a painting of this picture that Emma Lynch took, so I might bring it in and finish it in class.
I could also do a normal painting on a piece of newspaper.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Barry McGee & Margaret Kilgallen in "Place"

Richard Serra The studio space: - He uses whatever place he is in – tries to contain space and hold space Inspiration: - Looks at the relationship of elements - Tries to make sculptures that engage with viewer - Ships inspired him as a boy - Big shape being launched - Drew as a child for attention - Hand and eye were coordinated Process: - Works from the inside out - Tries to make material into something unexpected - Changing from massive to weightless - Draws to keep in touch with himself – like a diary - Collaboration Why is it called "Place": - He goes to different countries and places to make his art pieces.