Thursday, December 13, 2012

Interesting works of art in the studio

I took a picture of this because I thought that it was very cool looking. I like how the black and white are blended and there are streaks all over it. I left the brush in it because it makes the paint look like it's attached to the it. I also love the way it looks with all the paint strokes going in every direction.

I took a picture of this because I like the different colors on the napkin. The colors all look good together. If I tilt my head a little to the left, it makes it look like all the paint is in the shape of an evergreen tree without a trunk.

I took a picture of this because it looks so delicious and pretty in a way. It is a cookie sandwich with penut butter in the middle. It reminds me of reese's and that's my favorite kind of candy.

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