Monday, November 15, 2010

End of Term 1 Reflection

     I really had fun this term. I got more interested in and better at drawing. I used to kind of hate drawing, but as time went on and the more I practiced, the more I enjoyed drawing. I learned how to use different techniques for drawing, and shading. I also was able to experiment with different materials like charcoal, different lettered pencils, and a simple eraser.
     I feel really good about how the most recent drawing we did (the popcorn one) turned out. I was able to use different techniques to make it actually look like popcorn, and to make it look like it's not just floating in the air. I also think that my sketch book has been a big success for me because I got to be free and do whatever I wanted to in it. I got to pretty much get to just express myself.
     Something that was difficult for me was was the fabric drawing. It was hard for me to draw the texture of the different cloths, the shape of them, and the way they hung down. Also, the collage of the the sun/water that I made was kind of hard because I had to cut out many many many small pieces of paper. It took a lot of patience.
     Some advice I would give myself is to continue to work my hardest and just keep practices different techniques.

Is candy good or bad?

     My concept was about candy, and whether it's good or bad. In the positive picture, the person is very happy and is holding candy. In the negative picture, the persons teeth are rotten and she is kind of crying.
     It was hard for me to draw the peoples faces. Also, in both the positive picture, it got kind of annoying to do the back round.
     Throughout this project I figured out to use contrast to make certain things stand out (like the lollipop and  the rotten teeth/face).
     Before I had done the back round, I asked multiple people what I should to for the back round. They all basically said if the object you want to stand out is light, make the back round dark and the other way around, if the object I want to stand out is dark, make the back round light. I asked Lili, Emma, Alexandra, Kathy, Riley, and Ysabel.
     I really like how the back round of both picture turned out, especially the positive one.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chair With Coat

I found that it was less complicated than the past still lives that we have drawn, because it was less objects to draw. Also, it was different kinds of objects instead of a lot of one thing, like the sticks. The objects were kind of spread out today, not piled on top of each other in random ways. 
The black on the chair, the wood of the chair, and the coat were all different materials that we have kind of been drawing in the past few weeks. Black was kind of like the paper, the wood was like the sticks, and the coat was like the cloths. I used what I had learned about shadowing to make the different colors and textures of the drawing today.