Monday, November 15, 2010

Is candy good or bad?

     My concept was about candy, and whether it's good or bad. In the positive picture, the person is very happy and is holding candy. In the negative picture, the persons teeth are rotten and she is kind of crying.
     It was hard for me to draw the peoples faces. Also, in both the positive picture, it got kind of annoying to do the back round.
     Throughout this project I figured out to use contrast to make certain things stand out (like the lollipop and  the rotten teeth/face).
     Before I had done the back round, I asked multiple people what I should to for the back round. They all basically said if the object you want to stand out is light, make the back round dark and the other way around, if the object I want to stand out is dark, make the back round light. I asked Lili, Emma, Alexandra, Kathy, Riley, and Ysabel.
     I really like how the back round of both picture turned out, especially the positive one.

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