Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halfway point

So far this term, I have only worked on one piece. The picture of the dog is the inspiration for my first project. My piece is spray paint and other paint on newspaper. I am in the midst of attaching it to a canvas. I am almost done with that piece. One struggle I had was figuring out how to attach the newspaper to the canvas. I tried gluing it so hopefully it will stay.
Here are couple pictures of my process. First I experimented with spray paint on newspaper.
In order to keep a clean circle for the soccer ball, I covered the paper with a round piece of paper.
Once I am done, I want to do some other sort of painting. I started making a painting of this picture that Emma Lynch took, so I might bring it in and finish it in class.
I could also do a normal painting on a piece of newspaper.

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