Monday, January 3, 2011

Visiting artist: Hamlett Dobbins

      The painting I liked best is an untitled painting from "First Draft (a collaboration with Tad Lauritzen-Wright). I like it because it contains so many different colors. I can recognize things in the painting, such as faces and the words. It's also complicated and seems to be about a couple communicating with words and facial expressions after some problem.
      His work seems to have a lot of color kind of like this painting. It fits in the paintings in "First Draft". They are all very colorful, many have faces, and they all seem to have to parts which are connected.

Q: Since it says that "First Draft" is a collaboration, what part(s) did Tad do, and what did you do?
A: Tad did the outline of it. It took maybe like 30 seconds. The picture on the left was originally holding a gun, and the picture on the right had his hand up. Hamlett got rid of the guns and the the hands. Hamlett also put in the color.

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