Friday, October 11, 2013

Reflection #4

Looking Back

  • Over the last week, I have been experimenting with stamps and stencils on different materials. 
  • I carved a stamp of a cool design to test out the potential ways I could make my next project.
  • I also made a stencil of a soccer ball and spray painted it. It turned out surprisingly well. 
  • I spray painted on this little metal piece and a piece of wood and those also look good.
  • Today I experimented with a new stencil I made of a triskele, a symbol having to do with time. I tested how it would look if I did it multiple times and connected them. 

Looking Ahead
  • I will continue to experiment with different ways to place my stencil of the symbol. I want to see what it looks like with different colors, fading, and positions.
  • I have to figure out what other shapes and symbols I want to use and how I want to use them.

  • After experimenting with my stencil and spray paint,  I think I have gotten a better idea of what I want for the background of my patterns and repetition project. I really like the symbol I found and will definitely use it. I have also learned recently that it's important to use more of a variety of techniques for each project so it will be more interesting. I hope to keep experimenting with different stencils and stamps. 

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