Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reflection #5

Looking Back:
  • I am almost done with my Patterns and Repetition Project
  • I made a big spiral type stencil and and spray painted it a few times on my canvas. That is the background. The shape represents human development and change over time.
  • Then I added 5 pieces of string and glued them in lines and stamped on musical notes. That represents the change of music over time.
  • Today I made a stencil of 2 mini people. I started spray painting them on. They represent people moving through time. 
  • I also began thinking of an idea for my next project.
  • I practiced different sewing techniques.

Looking Ahead:
  • I have to finish my Patterns and Repetition Project. All I have to do on it is spray paint on a few more mini people.
  • For my next project,  I want to sew an outline of a baby and an old person to represent people changing and growing over time.

  • For this project, I did something I haven't really done much before, and that is making art with symbols rather than literal images. This makes the work look more abstract. I really like the way it's turning out. Also, I incorporated many different shapes and sizes for the objects in my piece, which helps make it look much better. I hope to use the techniques I learned in this project for my future projects. 

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