Monday, September 9, 2013

Reflection #1

Looking back

  • played and experimented with newspapers
  • Read newspapers
  • wrote down a list of themes
  • picked a theme that interested me
  • made a web about the theme
  • searched for specific words and images that related to my theme
  • made a collage out of my findings and used yes paste to glue them down

Looking Ahead
  • use the gesso
  • work in my sketchbook
  • experiment with materials
  • go to sleep earlier

  • I feel that art class has been going well so far. I have used a couple materials I have never used before, such as Yes Paste. I have enjoyed looking through the newspapers and making a collage based on my theme, Time. I like this topic because so many ideas can come out of it. I am happy to start working in my sketchbook again. My goal is to fill it up completely. 

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