Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seinfeld/Brady Videos

Elements of the creative process you see and hear about.

Symphony and Scrimmage:
  • Tempo, finesse, rhythm
  • pace, tempo,
  • big guys provide the foundation, the base
  • middle guys bring the lumber, the cellos and french horns
  • the little guys bring the lighting, the violins and trumpets- soloists
  • deployed in the delicate balances under the leadership of just one, the conductor
    • reacting to what others offer
    • bring energy and enthusiasm but also the level of excellence out there
    • learn the function of every role
    • synchronized
    • one step ahead of everyone else
    • communicate without words
  • symphony of symbols needed
  • emotion
  • when all of those things come together, result denies belief and excites imagination
  • beautiful game --> finesse, strength, anticipation, confidence,
  • adds up to something much bigger than anything else
  • a sight to see
  • unexpected is always there
Jerry Seinfeld 
  • think of something you think is funny and go from their
  • uses yellow pad of paper and specific blue pen
  • connective tissue that gives tight smooth link - pull together to be just right

Make a special note when you see a parallel to something you do in your own wok or that you feel relates to the process of making visual art.
  • Similar to when Jerry thinks of something funny and goes from there, when I am doing some piece of art, I start by doing one thing and then let it influence me and continue on from there. Also, like they talked about in the Tom Brady video, there must be a conductor. I am the conductor of my own art, and I communicate without words through my work.

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