Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp

Ms. Tharp suggest several methods for "scratching". Describe what Tharp means by "scratching" and select three of her methods you think would work for you and describe how you could use them to get going this term.

  • Ms. Tharp describes many different kinds of people's methods for "scratching." By this she means there are many ways for getting inspiration and ideas. These ideas range from traveling to another country to observing falling rocks to going into vintage clothing stores. The main way of "scratching" that I can relate to is changing my environment. I do this when I am traveling or just driving to school. I often get my inspiration from things or places I see. I use nature in most of my work. I also use reading once in a while to get inspiration for my work. 

Ms. Tharp also gives several warnings. Which of these warnings do you think could apply to you and how you can you see using her advice to combat them?

  • Don't start with perfection. Just start, and as you go along, add more detail.
  • Don't always rely on others. You need to plan ahead of time if something happens, because if you don't, your piece might fall apart.
  • Plan your idea but not too much. You need to make sure there is some wiggle room.

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