Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Art: Nova

What is meant by "New Art" in the film? Explain.

  • process of art makes the art important
  • connection, art, science
  • make cohesive, consistent, and evolving
  • new art: moves, technology, organic
  • technology and rate of change is a major factor
  • a lot of collaboration
  • lots of possibility
  • art combines painting, design, technology, music

What is the young artist attitude toward making art or the "business" of art?

  • 50% of it is business
  • freedom within a system
  • enjoy life- freedom to create, do whatever they want
  • computer is like a musical instrument, paintbrush
  • you don't think about it, just enjoy it
  • you have to do things that represent you
  • do things you want to see

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