Sunday, February 13, 2011


Jessica Stockholder

- She is a sculpture and instillation artist, creating sculptures to fill a particular space. She paints with very bright colors and uses many different kinds of materials such as toys, plastic, light bulbs, automobiles, etc. She thinks that her art gives pleasure and is fun. She seems to make a statement on modern life and consumer culture. Her work seems disorganized and organized at the same time.
- I really liked the bright colors that she used. I thought her use of objects and paint and composition were pretty interesting. However, I probably wouldn't want to buy her work because it's too big and while it's fun to look at, it's a little to loud for my taste.

Ellen Gallagher

  She uses a variety of materials to make what she considers to be very "whimsical" art.  She showed 3 pieces and a video. Her first piece was Penmanship Paper Paintings where she took pages from old Ebony Magazines and made a grid from them and then painted on it. She also did a piece having to do with water and one called Marking Isaac Hayes where she took a photo of Isaac Hayes and put tattoos on him and colored in his eyes white.  Her videos were very strange, where she does alot with light and each frame "disappears with the next frame".  I liked her work, as it was extremely unusual and fascinating to look at.  Her work is not easy for me to understand but it appeals to me because some of it is funny, like the face in the video that keeps transforming itself.


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  1. I would think you might also relate to some of the detail-oriented processes Gallagher uses. Sometime I see you working with such detail in mind.