Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Susan Rothenberg
- She always dirtied her colors before painting. Sometimes she had a theme, or a series (like horses) and other times she did not feel inspired to do a series. She loved to use the colors red, green, and white. She doesn't like to get to "literal" about things and she wants the people looking at it to have to think about it. She wants to tell a "truth", and found much beauty in nature, such as a dragonfly and a snake. She often painted from the perspective of looking down. Sometimes it took her a long time to finish a painting, and sometimes it took 2 days.
- I liked her series on horses and found them to be cool looking. I wasn't a huge fan of her "dirtying up the colors," as I like bright and pure colors.

Kara Walker
- Her art is often about past events and times in history. She also deals with race in America and power.  A lot of her art has been about the "unexpected." She makes silhouette's cut out of black paper so you can't really look directly the subject and many of them have to do with taking away power. She also uses overhead projectors to light her work. This creates shadows so that the viewers shadow in in the picture. The viewer is important to her work. Her work is based on fact but is also very dramatic.
- I thought her work was interesting and clever but didn't feel a real connection to it.


  1. Great descriptions of the artists' work Molly.
    What about the horses series by Rothenberg did you like?
    What about the Walker's work did you find interesting and clever?
    Say more.

  2. - I liked Rothenberg's horses because I like horses in general. Her horses were playful. Because it is a series, it was fun to see the progression of it.
    - I thought it was interesting and clever that she drew the figures and then cut them out. They seemed to pop off the wall, especially with both the shadowing and the lighting.