Friday, February 11, 2011

Year reflection

      I had a lot of fun in Art class this year, and learned many different things. At the beginning of the school year I really didn't like drawing. Throughout the past 2 terms, I began to enjoy drawing a lot more. Because we drew once a week, almost every week, at least in the first term, I feel I have gotten so much better at it. I especially like the drawing I did of the pile of sticks. Another thing that I feel I'm good at is painting. Something else I realized this year is that I love using so many different colors in my paintings, collages,  and sculptures. In the future I will keep drawing and painting, not necessarily as a job, but for fun during my free time.


  1. What do you like about and/or feel you excel at in painting?

  2. Painting is a very relaxing and also creative experience for me. I like being able to create something that I find pleasing to look at. I like using color and have had fun mixing and finding new colors for my paintings. I think my paintings are easy to look at and to understand.