Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mary Heilmann

- She is a painter who uses lots of bright colors to communicate and make an emotional connection with the viewer. She also uses words in her titles to further the communication. She often uses photos for inspiration and as part of her work. Through abstract painting she communicates ideas and feelings that were simple yet strong.
 - I really like her paintings because I felt like I connected with her/them. I especially liked the painting she did called Capistrano (the blue painting below). It looks exactly like something I would paint. I love painting with lots of color like she did. I am also hoping to use photographs in my final project painting.

Elizabeth Murray

- Her work is big and bold and very colorful. It is made up of cut up shapes that are fit together and then painted with very bright colors. There is a kind of tension in her work and it is very playful. She describes her paintings as a sort of game. She questions herself and her work a lot, but in the end, seems pleased with the final painting.
- I liked her work because I also like painting with bright bold colors. I also liked how she smudged some of what she painted to make it look kind of softer. It almost seemed careless, but in a very careful way.

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